More Able & Talented

Computing is a subject where pupils often voluntarily spend a significant amount of time outside school learning independently. It may be difficult for you to stay ahead of your pupils in all aspects of computing, and pupils may show knowledge and skills beyond that expected by a scheme of work. For example, pupils might be using 3D animation software at home, something not typically covered in lessons. 

As a teacher, it is important that you encourage pupils who are displaying exceptional and esoteric skills to share their knowledge with others. You can seek out advice from subject support groups such as CAS and Naace on how to guide them. For example, you might advise a programmer with an interest in maths to look at extended tasks on Project Euler (, or to teach themselves a functional programming language (see Haskell_in_10_minutes). Your role in this situation is to structure and facilitate pupil learning, guiding the pupil to relevant material and external support. 

Gifted and talented pupils should not be rushed through the curriculum. There is plenty of opportunity to develop depth and enrich their learning of a particular topic. This might include looking at more efficient algorithms to solve a task, or looking at how the task could be solved using different technologies. 

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