Like all rugby playing, computer geeks I do enjoy baking below are some of my creations.

Daughters 16th Birthday Blink 182 Cake

Cars Tower Cake for Son1 8th Birthday

Choc Overload party bag cake

Son2 5th Birthday Scobby Cake

Turbo Cake Son 2 6th Birthday

Richies 50th

Daughters 18th Red Velvet Cake

Son1 9th Birthday Minecraft

Son2 7th Birthday Football part Cake

Son2 7th Birthday Rainbow Surprise cake with help of daugther

A simple Xmas Fruit cake

Wife's Chocolate Fruit Cake

Godson's 3rd Birthday Pirate Cake

The Wife's Cake as designed by the boys

Bubblebee for Son 2 aged 4
Cars 2 for Son 1's Party

Cars 2, 3D Cake for Son 1's 6th Birthday

My Rugby Cake Baked for me by my Daughter
Godson's 2nd Birthday Tracker Cake
Building the Masie Cake
Wife's Masie Birthday Cake 

Nanna's Birthday Air Rescue Cake

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