Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015

This weeks WOW is about 'Safer Internet Day' (SID) which is next week, Tuesday 10th February.

The theme is 'Let's Create a Better Internet Together' The idea behind the theme is to make a better internet by doing something to help someone online or to help someone in the community have a better experience on the internet.

Cyber Seniors for example help older people learn about different websites and how they can make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

How could you make a better internet?

Questions to consider:

What could you do online to help someone or make someone feel better?
What could you do in the community or at home to help someone have a better / safer experience online?

Some other examples:
- Teach a parent how to secure Facebook privacy settings.
- Teach a young brother or sister on how to have a good reputation online.
- Compliment a friend online.

In your pigeon holes I have put a Up2Us pledge card. The ICT department would like to make a flipagram similar to this one http://flipagram.com/f/QHTqc1naYH . This will be added to the SID social media campaign #Up2Us twitter page. 

If you can please can you write a pledge as a tutor group using the card provided on the theme of ''Let's Create a Better Internet Together'. Can you then take a photograph of it (does not need to have person in photo) and send it  to c.james@wildern.hants.sch.uk.  

For more information here is the SID website, we have been added to Supporter page!