Thursday, 19 December 2013

Primary - National Curriculum Guidance

CAS, in association with Naace and other partners are delighted to publish this guide for primary school teachers.  The guide explains how primary teachers can get started with the new curriculum and provides many pointers to excellent resources and ideas for building an innovative and exciting curriculum.
It's a really exciting time to be a primary school teacher. Don't be daunted by the changes in the move from ICT to computing. Rather, see this as an opportunity to develop your own knowledge about computing and to learn to program, if you've never had the chance before. Although this might sound like hard work, it's actually great fun. You'll find that you make better use of the technology you have at home and in school, and also that you start to think a bit differently, looking at systems and problems in the same way a computer scientist does.

Monday, 16 December 2013


from Rachel Jones blog  is a web based tool that lets you record a two and a half minute long screencast using either audio or video to narrate.
 teachers could use this to record feedback on student work, or to make short videos for flipped learning. I think the more exciting option for use in the classroom is to use it as an assessment for learning tool, and have students use it to create plenaries videos, revision materials, or even to set it as a homework task to make a PixiClip. The interface is very simple to use, and I think would be accessible to children of all ages. Learners could make use of it as a reflection tool to think about their own work, after uploading images of completed activities. There is also scope to use PixiClip collaboratively, as more than one learner could input on the audio or video narration.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wildern Radio's First Broadcast

Wildern Radio's awesome team of producers, presenters, researchers and technical operators have produced their first show of the year! Featuring... Sam The Weatherman and the Year 8 Undefeated Football Team.

Click here to download and listen to the first Wildern Radio broadcast of the year. The show will also be played at lunchtime Wednesday 11th December.

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