Monday, 30 September 2013

WOW of the Week - Stoptober from The Wildern Wellbeing Group

The first of October sees the start of the Stoptober Campaign, which is a 28 day challenge to quit smoking by the NHS. 

Can you stop a bad habit for stoptober, whether it is smoking or something else that you could stop during the month of October to complete the 28 day challenge? The Wellbeing Group challenges you to give up a bad habit or take up something good for October? 

Pledge your Stoptober on the postcards in your registers and display it on your tutor room display boards. Remember to say if you are starting or stopping.

Stop smoking
Stop eating lots of unhealthy food
Stop being lazy
Stop not wearing a helmet when on my bike
Stop handing homework in late by handing in on time

Start a new sport
Start eating 5 fruit and veg a day
Start being more organised 

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