Thursday, 13 June 2013

Responsibility day - Thursday 13th June

Lesson 1 - Who is responsible for ensuring all children have an education?
Read to the class:
“I am excited that today I have achieved my dream of going back to school. I want all girls in the world to have this basic opportunity,” she said in a statement.
Malala Yousufza, the Pakistani girl who stood up to the Taliban for the right to have an education as female in her home town to campaign for the UN rights to an education, was shot in the head for standing up for what she believes in.
She is only 15, she should be allowed to concentrate of her education and being a teenager.

Whose responsibility is it to campaign for the rights to have an education?

Lesson 2 - Being responsible for our school
Key Questions:  Is it the responsibility of just site team to pick up litter after breaks?
Should it be the responsibility of the students dropping the litter?

Would you want to see something like this in our school? See link:

Do we all have a responsibility as community within our peer groups to keep our school site clean? For example making sure our friends use the bin and not the floor.

Then watch this movie made by students on Wildern TV


Lesson 3 - What makes a responsible parent?
Watch clip from the film 'Big daddy'

With fathers day coming up this weekend  - write down or discuss your top ten tips of being a responsible father or parent?

extra info at

Lesson 4 - What are you eating?
With the current issues with horse meat being found in our food who do you think should be responsible for the food we eat?
Should we be concerned when many countries within Europe eat horsemeat as part of their regular diet?

Is it just the food industry or do we the consumer have a responsibility to make sure we know what we’re eating.
Lesson 5 - Pressure groups - are they acting responsibly?
Fathers for Justice – Are they being responsible fathers in the way they protest? Do they get their voice heard? Who’s responsible for the fathers not getting their equal rights?
Watch video clip and then discuss



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