Monday, 17 June 2013

Bring computer programming to your school

Since February we've heard from 12,000 schools asking our help to teach computer programming. We've avoided responding until we had a worthwhile announcement. This is NOT a monthly newsletter, you'll only hear from us rarely. Many have asked us for a brief update.

We're working on a broad program to bring computer science curriculum to all schools. We hope to unveil our program this fall. In the meantime, we want to tell you about some 3rd-party options that are worth pursuing.

If you have feedback for how can help schools and educators, please give us your ideas at our UserVoice forum.

To teach Computer Science in High School

Options for high schools, ranging from full courses to clubs:

Berkeley's 6-week workshop to teach Computer Science. Spend a summer learning the course, teach it next year. Generous stipends included. Starts June 17 or June 24

Amplify's online course in AP CS. A MOOC designed for the classroom, offer Advanced Placement CS using a remote/online teacher, local mentor.

Codecademy after-school clubs - a complete program for starting an after school code-club with an online-based curriculum

CodeHS - online curriculum designed to teach JavaScript in high school classrooms. ($ required)

Add computer programming to math class with Bootstrap - a curriculum that teaches computer programming using algebra and geometry

Teach coding to make games with Globaloria - Globaloria can help schools offer a full class or an after school club, with a curriculum designed around making games ($ required)

For Elementary or Middle School

Options for elementary and middle schools:

6-week workshop on teaching computing with Scratch - an online workshop offered by members of the Scratch team at Harvard University. Scratch is an enormously platform for teaching introductory programming

Tynker - a full coding platform for elementary and middle school - visual programming designed for students, complete with curriculum and walk-throughs

CS Unplugged - curriculum ideas for teaching basic computer programming concepts in classrooms without computers.

That's all for now.  We hope you have a great summer! And if you have feedback for can help schools and educators, please give us your ideas at our UserVoice forum.

Hadi Partovi

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