Monday, 28 January 2013

WOW 28.1.12

Wow of the week comes to us thanks to Caroline James and is all about
'Safer Internet Day' on the 5th February.

The theme this year is 'Rights and Responsibilities' with the slogan
'Connect with Respect'. As Internet users, children have rights online
and have responsibilities too. This weeks WOW session is on the topic
on whether or not parents have the responsibility to be checking and
monitoring their children's online activities.        .

Claire Perkins, a government adviser, believes that is a parent's
responsibility to check their children's online activities. She
believes that  they should be checking texts, Twitter and be friends
on Facebook so it's easier to see what's going on.

Read this news story about this topic. -

Do you believe that parents should check your Facebook account,
Twitter account or texts?
Do you believe that your parents or family should monitor what website
you access?
Are you friends with your parents or family on any social network site?
Do your parents know what websites you go on / what social network
accounts you have?

Pupils can also discuss what rights and responsibilities they have
online. Here is a link to help 'Rights and Responsibilities' -

If you have time can you also please promote 'Safer Internet Day'.
Pupils will be having one ICT lesson next week dedicated on the theme
of 'Rights and Responsibilities' online.

Here is a promotional video for the 'Safer Internet Day'    -

A huge thanks to Caroline and a reminder that if you think there is a
news story or current event linked to your subject that would make a
great WOW then please let me know and I will gladly try and include

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