Monday, 22 October 2012

Wow of the week - 22.10 - Racism in football

Dear all
This week the WOW of the week questions the problem of Racism in Football.
It might be worth starting with a discussion about what Racism and Discrimination means. Have any students seen it in sport? - news report on the racial incident in England's under 21 game last week.
Discuss - is Football a more racist sport than others? How do we know? Why might we think it is?
What is being done to stop racism in football? - the official website to get rid of racism in football.
Explore the web page and the various campaigns.
and Rio Ferdinand's decision not to wear a 'kick it out' T shirt.
Discuss - Was Rio F right to decide not to wear the T-shirt? Should he be disciplined or is he making a valid point?
Does it shock you that in today's world racist attacks and events like occur in big sporting events televised around the world?

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