Monday, 10 September 2012

Twitter hashtags – what they are and how to use them

Pooky Shares
Twitter's no fun without great people to follow but it can be a bit of a mission trying to hunt through the millions of tweeters out there to find the ones who are the right fit for you.  Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.
Use lists – but be selective
Lists can be a great source of potential people to follow.  There also list services such as listorious and  twellow which list tweeters in categories – but don't just assume list membership means someone is a good follow.  Do your usual checks like reading profiles and checking out recent tweets or you risk bloating your follow list with people who aren't relevant or interesting.

Follow people your followers follow

Another good way to find people to follow is to take a look at who the people you're following follow.  The people who share the best links are most engaging on Twitter tend to be following a lot of equally excellent tweeters that might make a valuable addition to your network.

Ask for recommendations

Tweet asking for recommendations of the best tweeters to follow.  If you're interested in a specific type of person, make it clear: 'Can anyone recommend any tweeters with a keen interest in SEO to follow please?  Please RT' for example.  People are always keen to recommend excellent members of their network and are likely to retweet your request if you've been a valuable connection for them.

 Search for Hashtags

Search for twitter hashtags that are of interest to you and see who is posting with that hashtag – they may well be worth following.

 Join in with Twitter Chats

A great way to engage with other twitter users and find some new relevant people to follow is to throw yourself in at the deep end and take part in a twitter chat.  You're also likely to gain some relevant followers this way too as long as you contribute to the conversation and exchange some good ideas.

 Think QUALITY rather than QUANTITY

Remember – it's not all about the numbers.  It is better to have a small but highly relevant and engaged personal learning network than a network of thousands of people who you aren't interested in and never exchange ideas with.

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