Monday, 10 September 2012

Twitter acronym and abbreviation crib sheet

Pooky Shares  


What with only 140 characters it's hardly surprising that Twitter is the homeland of the acronym and abbreviation.  But what do they all mean?
Here goes…
Avi – avatar or profile picture
B/C – because
B4 – before
BB – blackberry (not the fruit..)
BFN – bye for now
Bgd – background
BR – best regards
BTW – by the way
Chk – check
Cld – could
Clk – click
Cre8 – create
CUL8R – see you later
CT – 'cutweet' a retweet that's been shortened to make it fit within 140
Deets – details
DAM – don't annoy me
DM – direct message
DP – profile picture (I don't know why!)
Dweet – tweet sent whilst drunk (just say no kids…)
DYK – did you know?
EM – email
Eml – email
EMA – email address
F2F – face to face
FF – Follow Friday – you'll see it written as #FF and it's a recommendation that you follow that person
FML – F**K my life
FOTD – Find of the day
FTL – for the loss
FTW – for the win OR F**K the world
Fwd – forward
FYI – for your information
GLHF – good luck have fun
GM – good morning
Gr8 – great
GTFOH – Get the F**K outta here!
GTS – guess the song
HAND – have a nice day
HO – hangover
HT – Hat tip or heard through – e.g. if someone shared a link to a blog post you might HT them (some people choose to write via @user instead)
IC – I see
ICNBI – I cannot believe it
ICYMI – in case you missed it
IDK – I don't know
IM – instant message
IMHO – in my humble opinion
IYKWIM – if you know what I mean
IRL – in real life
Itz – it is
JK – just kidding
JSYK – just so you know
K – okay
KK – cool, cool
KYSO – knock your socks off
L8 – late
L8r – later
LHH – laugh hella hard
LOL – laughing out loud / lots of love
LMAO – laughing my A** off
LMFAO – laughing my F***ing A** off
LMK – let me know
Mil- million / mother in law
MILT – Mum I'd like to tweet!
MT – Modified tweet – a retweet that has been tweaked or shortened
Njoy – enjoy
NSFW – not safe for work
NW – now watching
OCT – obsessive compulsive tweeter
OH – overheard / other half
OMB – Oh my God (the B stands for Bieber in this instance)
OMG – Oh my God
OOMF – one of my followers
Peeps – people
Plz – please
Ppl – people
Props – proper respect
R – are
Rec – recommendation
RT – Retweet, tweets prefaced with RT @User indicate that that user's tweet is being shared
RTHX – thanks for the retweet
RU – are you?
SEO – search engine optimization
Shld – should
SMH – shake my head
STFU – shut the F**k up
Speets – spam tweets
Sweeple – sweet twitter people
Swhit – tweeting whilst on the toilet
TJ – joining into someone else's conversation (butt in)
TFF – twitter friend forever
TFTT – thanks for this tweet
TTFN – ta ta for now
TGIF – thank God it's Friday!
Thx – thanks
TY – thank you
TIA – thanks in advance
TL – timeline
TOYBT – tired of your Bulls**t
TT – trending topic
TTYL – talk to you later
TTYS – talk to you soon
TYL – tweet y'all later
U – you
Vols – volunteers
W – with (sometimes w/ )
W/E – weekend
Wld – would
WTF – what the f**k?
WTH – what the hell?
Wtv – whatever
WLTM – would like to meet
Wzup – what's up?
YKIM – you know what I mean
Ykyat – you know you're addicted to
YOLO – you only live once
YOYO – you're on your own
YW – you're welcome 

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