Friday, 13 July 2012

DiDA Update

Hi, the following update is of interest to schools and colleges currently delivering DiDA or planning to offer DiDA for the first time in September 2012. 
01. Current DiDA Specification
DiDA in its current form, is included in the list of qualifications that will attract headline performance measures for schools (5 A*-C) in 2014. This means that you can continue to offer DiDA to a new cohort of year 10 learners in September.
Due to recent reform, AiDA (90 GLH), will continue to count towards learner progression but will not attract headline performance in 2014. CiDA, CiDA+ and DiDA will continue to offer the same benefits to learners as always and will each count as one GCSE towards schools headline performance in 2014.
This recent DiDA update offers further guidance on the most appropriate course for each of your year groups.
02. Next Generation CiDA 
We have recently submitted Next Generation CiDA (120 GLH) for accreditation. We remain confident that the NG qualification will be available to teach in September 2012 (subject to accreditation by Ofqual). Please plan for the eventuality that Ofqual may request further amendments to our submission that would results in a delay to accreditation.
In the meantime you can read more about the qualification and download the pre-accreditation draft specification on the NG CiDA pages of our website.

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