Monday, 12 March 2012

Namechk – An easy way to check username availability

Keeping a uniform online presence

One of the things I think is really important when working online is to keep a uniform online presence.  It helps people to recognise and find you across multiple social networks and can ensure that when working with a new network you don't have to work hard to gain the trust of people who are already following you happily elsewhere.
The two things to keep consistent wherever possible are your profile picture and your username.

If you're starting out, check availability first

If you're starting a new venture, or rethinking your personal brand, it's a good idea to check out whether your preferred username is widely available.  Otherwise even if you have good intentions to keep your online presence consistent, you may be given no choice but to deviate from your original plan.

Checking multiple social networks can be tedious

Often you have to go right through the 'setting up an account' process before you can find out whether your preferred username is available.  It's a real bore and can take ages if you're doing it on multiple sites.  But if needs must…

This neat tool does all the hard work

Thankfully, I've recently come across this neat tool that does all the hard work for you (I say 'I' it was actually pooky who alerted me to it).  You just type in your preferred username to Namechk and you'll see which social networks you'll be able to sign up to with that username, and which you can't.  The list is extensive to say the least – 159 social networks and counting – and will check most of the social networks you could ever wish to flirt with (and many you've never heard