Wednesday, 28 March 2012

DiDA - now and for the future


DiDA suite of qualifications
» DiDA - now and for the future 
DiDA continues to be popular with centres and learners alike and we want to reassure you of our ongoing commitment to this suite of qualifications in the future. Learn more.
Continuing with DiDA from September 2012
  • The existing CiDA, CiDA+ and DiDA are all on the DfE's 2014 headline measures list - you can continue to teach these qualifications and they will count towards your centre's headline measures in 2014.
  • AiDA, CiDA, CiDA+ and DiDA are all accredited until 31 December 2012; this means you can continue to offer these qualifications from September 2012.
  • We continue to work with Ofqual to gain accreditation for our next generation CiDA (120 GLH) qualification.
Year 9 starters from September 2012

For centres where headline measures recognition is not important, the full suite of NQF DiDA qualifications is accredited until the end of December 2012. If headline measures are important there are two options:
  • We are working to get the next generation CiDA qualification (120 GLH) accredited and available for first teaching in September 2012. Learn more.
  • Learners could take our GCSE ICT, which is very similar in style and content to AiDA. You can find out more about this qualification by visiting GCSE ICT.
For more information on DiDA - now and for the future, learn more.
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