Monday, 20 February 2012

GCSE Computing Science ICT Option

This is a new, single tier, linear GCSE in Computing Science and is a new option for ICT at Wildern in September 2012. By delivering a GCSE in Computing Science we will be providing more choice to pupils who wish to study for a recognised qualification in computer science.
Whilst recognising that computing science is a rigorous academic subject, we hope that this new GCSE will foster creativity and inventiveness. The new specification 'Computing Science' will emphasise the fact that learners will be expected to apply their knowledge of computer systems and programming to solve problems using rapid prototyping techniques to test out ideas and prove that they work.
Proposed Assessment Objectives. 
Learners will be expected to:
AO1. Recall, select and communicate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of computing science
AO2. Apply tools and techniques from computing science to analyse problems and produce solutions
AO3. Understand, evaluate, make reasoned judgements about the use of computer systems in industry, commerce, arts and elsewhere, including ethical, social, legal and environmental factors
GCSE Computing Science will have 3 Assessment components.
1. An externally assessed 1 hour 30 minute examination paper, contributing 40% of the total assessment weighting
2. An externally assessed 3 hour practical examination, contributing 35% of the total assessment weighting
3. An internally assessed controlled assessment task, contributing 25% of the total assessment weighting.
The GCSE Computing Science* qualification will be available to all learners who are capable of reaching the required standard. It will support progress to further study at Level 3, including GCEs and BTECs in IT, Computing and related subjects.

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