Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Year 11 Seminars

Well you don’t want to end up like Will...

The idea of using two coloured pens as a revision technique, was described to me by an Occupational Health Therapist who had to learn the 300 parts of the human eye.
The idea is that the two colours work on the two halves of the brain.
The black pen signifies the information that you already hold in your conscious memory.
The red pen signifies those things in your unconscious memory that you wish to transfer into your conscious memory.

Stage 1 – Produce a mind map to cover a topic you wish to revise e.g. Characters in Of Mice & Men
Stage 2 –  Spend 10 mins max revising from your mind map
Stage 3 - Turnover the mind map with the answers on it.  With your black pen write down everything that you can remember on a fresh piece of paper
Stage 4 – When you cannot remember anymore turn over your original so you can fill in the blanks in red pen
Stage 5 - repeat stages 2-4!
Repeat from stage 4 !

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