Monday, 5 September 2011

First day back

Well it was a long usually wet summer away from work.
Walls have come down, more walls have come down and now they have gone back up in different places some level and one a little pissed!
First day back has been harmless so far although the broken washing machine at 1am and flat tyre on my bike at 7:30am were not a good start to the term.
Excellent results for iMedia and DiDA Units 3 and 4. Need to look at the Unit 5 Games Authoring tomorrow.
eSaftey work to begin the year for all classes starts tomorrow with Year 7.
Goggle Calenders needed to be updated to new timetable.
One question that came via the exam boards moderation report is that they prefer work to be submitted on a CD rather than a Memory stick.  Anyone else still work like that?

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